Data Protection

Losing important, valuable, or sentimental items is always painful -- The same goes for your data!

Think about this...

You store your pictures, home videos, tax information, and other valuable data on your computer. Without protecting that data, you are leaving yourself open to loss.

At Action AZ Computers, we understand the need to keep this data safe and secure. Thats why we offer several data protection services to insure that you do everything you can to prevent data loss.

Some of the data services we offer are:

  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup/Transfer
  • Secure Data Deletion
  • Remote Backup
Secure Remote backups with Gillware!


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We have partnered with Gillware Data Services to bring offer you secure online storage at affordable prices. Remote backups offer a  security that home backups just can't compete with.
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Secure data Recovery services!


Gillware data storage and recovery services available

It happens to all of us at some point -- we log into our computer and files that we have been saving for years are suddenly missing. Hard drives go bad, and thats just a fact of life. But is that data gone forever? In many cases it is not -- the data is just hiding on an inaccessible portion of the drive. This is where our data recovery services can help! Once again we have partnered with Gillware, Inc, to offer top notch data recovery services that are affordable for home and small business users! We can get to the lowest levels of your hard drive and find many files that appear to be completely wiped out.

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